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Our multidisciplinary team consists of experienced experts in the field of psychiatry and psychosomatics who have extensive knowledge and many years of experience. Each and every one of our team members is committed to providing you with individually tailored and holistic treatment to help you overcome your mental and emotional challenges. You will receive 24-hour care from our medical and healthcare staff.

Our physicians, psychologists and therapists work hand-in-hand to provide you with comprehensive care. We place great emphasis on providing a compassionate and respectful atmosphere.

The staff of the CLINICUM ALPINUM are crucial for successful therapy. For this reason, the same high standards are applied in the selection of personnel in all areas. First and foremost, there is openness towards people with mental illnesses, but also a work and life biography that shows resilience, the ability to adjust and adapt, and team spirit.

Michaela Risch
Clinic management, president of the board of directors, certified sleep-health coach

“We see ourselves as a resilient treatment partner for people with severe mental and physical illnesses, their relatives and families. The CLINICUM ALPINUM is a modern specialist clinic – an “intensive care unit” for depressive illness and all the accompanying phenomena.”

Dr. med. Marc Risch
Chief Physician and Specialist FMH for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

“Mental illnesses can be cured well if they are treated individually, intensively and after an exact diagnosis has been made. It is important to pay attention to the unity of psyche and soma – of body and mind.”

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Pavel Ptyushkin
Co-chief physician and specialist FMH for psychiatry and psychotherapy

“The emotional pain is a part of our life. The psychological suffering, which can be unbearable, occurs when we try to escape from this pain. Our treatment is not a mechanical “repair”. It is created on the basis of the relationship between the patient and the therapist, who together face the painful and together look for solutions and answers – why am I suffering? What do I need? Who am I? We will not leave you alone on this road to recovery.”

Wolfgang Meier

“Movement is considered a very effective antidepressant – for this reason, movement and bodywork is one of the central therapy elements in our clinic for the treatment of severe, affective disorders.”

Christina Gstrein
Management care

“Medical and nursing care is provided around the clock.
Responsibility for their treatment is in the hands of our professionally qualified staff.”

Karin Quaderer
Patient Management

“A hospital stay is not an everyday event and is often associated with many questions and uncertainties. We are your first point of contact and have an open ear for your concerns, are happy to advise you individually, take care of your insurance matters and strive to facilitate the fastest possible admission for our patients!”

Regina Seger
Guest Relations

“The decision to stay at a clinic depends on many factors and is often accompanied by uncertainty. My goal is to comprehensively and transparently communicate the crucial knowledge about our Clinicum and our services in order to give prospective patients the confidence that they are in the best hands with us.”