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On the way to inner balance and perfect health

Our top priority is to see the human being as a whole. Body, soul and spirit form a unique totality. We have made it our mission to bring this totality of each patient back into harmony.

Together with you, our medical team will design a highly individualized treatment plan that is continuously adapted to your clinical picture and your needs. This is the only way to achieve lasting therapeutic success that will accompany you in your everyday life.

Holistic approach

We view the human being as a unity of body and mind. Our treatment approach aims to identify the underlying psychological factors that can also lead to physical symptoms and to treat them holistically.


Nutrition is an essential part of the holistic treatment and therapy concept and makes an active contribution to maintaining and promoting the mental and physical health of the individual.
During the intake interview, your nutritional habits are discussed and the resulting goals are implemented in our wholesome, regional and alpine fresh cuisine.

Under the direction of Ruben Brunhart, we conjure up alpine classics with our own touch. He was able to gain many years of experience at the Restaurant Real Vaduz with Felix Real and at the Trofana Royal Ischgl with Martin Sieberer, among others. At Rubens Brasserie and Palais of the F├╝rst Liechtenstein Foundation in Vienna, he and his team cooked up a total of three Gault Millau toques.


During the intake interview, as a supplement to the preliminary interview, we ascertain the current problem in the biographical context as well as the resources and expectations of our clients. We place particular emphasis on the social and professional situation (anamnesis). We initiate laboratory tests directly, depending on the preliminary findings. If questions arise in the diagnostic process that lie outside the field of psychiatry and internal medicine, we immediately commission further specialist consultations.

Healing Environment

Mentally ill people need a contrast to their previous environment and at the same time a sense of security. Special places can and should offer contrasts – Gaflei does. It is the perfect place to get away from it all, to take a deep breath, to develop new perspectives and to recharge one’s batteries.

Open communication

As temporary companions to our clients, we see ourselves as partners at eye level. Our efforts have a single goal: to create the conditions for stability and joie de vivre to find their place again in the cooperation with us.


Our interest in the individual – in our clients, treatment partners, visitors and employees – is as genuine as our lived, alpine hospitality on the level of a five-star hotel business.

Our therapeutic quality standards in the defined diagnostic areas are inviolable and are reflected in our professional as well as interdisciplinary competence.

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