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Extreme situations, such as a serious accident, acts of violence or catastrophic events, leave their mark on our psyche. Even if the body seems to be functioning, the soul can suffer for a long time from the consequences of a trauma. The reason is that in a stressful situation the level of stress hormones increases so much that normal processing in the brain becomes impossible. As a result, critical life events and traumas cannot be fully remembered (partial amnesia). As a result, flashbacks, emotional numbness, depression, severe anxiety and avoidance behavior often occur.

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Symptoms of trauma sequelae

Shortly after a traumatic event, many people exhibit an acute stress reaction called a state of shock or crisis. In some cases, symptoms may even appear decades later. The following symptoms can often be identified after a trauma:

  • Reliving the stressful situation
  • Emotional rigidity and emptiness
  • Despair and depressive symptoms
  • Anxiety and volatility
  • Irritability and aggression
  • Distorted perception (dissociation)
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sleep and concentration disturbances
  • Nightmares and flashbacks with trauma content
  • Amnesia (memory disturbance)
  • Avoidance of trigger situations that remind people of the traumatic event

As a result of experiencing the trauma, many people’s self-image as well as their trust in others is shaken. Many of those affected also suffer from feelings of shame and think that they themselves are to blame for what has happened to them.

There are symptoms that are considered the first warning signs of an impending burnout: Sleep disturbances or physical complaints such as headaches or digestive problems can be the first signs. They are often ignored or compensated for, e.g. with increased alcohol consumption or medication abuse, in order to remain productive. Over time, however, the exhaustion can progress more and more – until the burnout syndrome manifests itself and all areas of life are affected.

Causes of traumatization

Traumatization can be triggered by different situations and experiences. They can always be traced back to a specific stressful event. It is understood to be the experience of a difficult or threatening situation to which one reacts with fear and helplessness. As a result, a shattering world and self-image can occur.

Trauma is divided into two different categories:

In category 1, a trauma is only of short duration and a one-time occurrence.

In category 2, the trauma is characterized by a longer or repeated occurrence.

Typical triggers of PTSD include:

  • Wars, terrorism, escape from another country
  • Sexual abuse, robbery, kidnapping
  • Accidents especially traffic accidents
  • Natural catastrophes such as fires, avalanches, earthquakes
  • Fires, explosions
  • Serious illnesses

Certain risk factors also favor its development. These include, for example, little social support from family and friends, mental illness in the family, and the duration and severity of the trauma.

Consequences of a trauma sequelae disorder

Confrontation with a traumatic event can significantly affect life even after the initial shock and crisis reaction. The following disturbance patterns may occur:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Addictive disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Psychosomatic disorders


For a targeted and effective treatment, a reliable diagnosis is necessary. For this purpose, our expert will conduct an extensive diagnostic interview with you at the beginning of your therapy, in which other disorders will be excluded. Very carefully you will be prepared for the psychotherapeutic work of traumatization. Once you are sufficiently stabilized, a guided trauma-focused confrontation is initiated.

We consider you in your individuality and wholeness and develop a treatment plan together with you, which enables a sustainable success of the treatment.

We accompany you on the path of your recovery!

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