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Private clinic for somatization disorders

When physical complaints have psychological causes

Intuitively, most people associate physical complaints with physical causes. Somatization disorder is different. It belongs to the group of somatoform disorders, which are characterized by the fact that affected persons suffer from pain or dysfunctions, but there is no organic cause. Many sufferers have gone through a long period of suffering, usually with numerous visits to the doctor, without a physical cause for the symptoms being found. The everyday life of those affected is also often severely impaired. With a holistic treatment based on psychotherapeutic approaches, the clinical picture can be accurately diagnosed and effectively treated.

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Symptoms in somatization disorders

Somatization disorder is manifested by physical complaints that are manifested by a variety of symptoms and are associated with thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Affected individuals often suffer from somatic complaints before the age of 30. The extent and severity of symptoms can vary from individual to individual, but they rarely disappear for an extended period of time. The most common somatization disorders include:

  • Physical diseases
  • Breathing problems, such as shortness of breath
  • abnormalities of the skin
  • gastrointestinal symptoms, such as abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, digestive problems
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Neurological disorders
  • Sexual disorders

Risk factors and triggers

The following risk factors may be involved in the development and maintenance of somatization disorder:

  • Chronic stress
  • Severe emotional stress
  • Trauma in childhood and adolescence
  • Experiences of loss and separation
  • Occurrence of somatoform disorders in the family.

Causes and background of somatization disorders

A clear cause for the development of somatization disorders has not yet been identified. It is assumed that biological, psychological, social and genetic factors interact in the development. The development of somatization disorders can have many triggers. Often they are psychosocial factors, such as repressed conflicts and events, a permanent stress load, but also traumatic life events can be the cause. In some somatization disorders, it is assumed that the increased sensitivity to pain is related to an altered pain processing in the central nervous system.

Holistic treatment concept for somatization disorders

Your stay at CLINICUM ALPINUM begins with a detailed medical history and diagnosis. On this basis, our doctors and therapists work with you to create an individual and holistic treatment plan that is adapted to your disease pattern. In the course of your stay at the clinic, the therapist will develop a disorder model with you in order to better understand the interrelationships of the disease and to recognize psychological world interactions. In addition, techniques and strategies for coping with the physical symptoms are learned. Mindfulness-based methods and body therapies are another elementary component of the therapy. Elements of the LIMES Sports.Care program are also used to promote a decentralization of activity and discomfort

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